6. Mastermind

Congratulations! It looks like you are in a great place! You are already in the top 10% of practices. There are still a few small things that we can work on to take your business from “great” to “world class”, from the top 10% to the top 1%. When I say “world class”, I really mean it. We can take your already successful business and establish you as the preeminent destination for anyone who needs your services! We can also set up your business so that you can live the life you have always dreamed while still providing the absolute top quality care that your patients have come to know and expect.

This is where we get on a call and I can show you your best next move towards becoming the 1%. If within 15 minutes I can’t share with you a move that you haven't implemented to get to the next level, I will pay you for your time! Lets go!

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