How to Reverse Chronic Disease and Body Degeneration While Building Your Bottom Line



It's our belief that healthcare absent of exercise, nutrition and lifestyle modification as the first-line treatment is not healthcare rather sick-care. Our medical fitness program has allowed us to provide leading patient outcomes while being our main differentiator in growing our integrated cash practice.

We’ve developed a proven, documented medical fitness system. This program comes with coaching support that holds your hand through implementing in your own practice or fitness facility, so you can make a bigger impact, change more lives with more fulfillment, and have the success and independence you want.

Some of the benefits of the program include:

• How to successfully launch an online or offline ancillary revenue source that has the most attainable marketing entry point.

Have a team that is on fire to show up to work each day motivated and ambitious to work in a healthcare facility that is changing lives daily.

Create a practice that is a solution to fixing the chronic disease and pain management crisis so you can feel great about practicing medicine that is truly changing lives.

• How to use health coaches to help implement your lifestyle treatment plans to help with your functional or regenerative medicine outcomes.

• By having a proven and marketable weight loss program, you can consistently attract new and highly motivated patients within the practice.

• Stay a step ahead of the competition by being the first in your area in the medical fitness market. Differentiation is essential in a competitive marketplace.

The Medical Fitness IMPACT Plan Includes

7+ hours of Video Education Teaching you how the IMPACT Plan can increase your profits.

2 Best-Selling Books Outlining Every Step of the Impact Plan Process.

Documents Library that includes Marketing, Operations & Business Systems to Run Your Center or Build Your Dream Career in Medical Fitness.

Done-for-you educational PowerPoint presentations, videos, and health and nutrition resources, such as our cookbooks and meal plans, for you to rebrand so you provide your patients with the life-changing tools they need.

2X a Month Group Coaching & Accountability Calls & Private Community FB Group.

Vendor Discounts & Group Purchasing Opportunities.

Full 100% Money Back Guarantee at Any time.

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