A message from JR Burgess,

As CEO of HealthOvators and former partner and CEO of Rejuv Medical & MedFit, I can tell you it wasn't easy to build a successful integrated cash practice and then scaling and coaching over 100 practices around the world.

It took us years to figure out how to create a reproducible system through expensive and painful trial and error. But, we did it, and we want to help you accomplish your dreams.

I credit my success to many. The bigger the dream, the more important the team and your network.

Before I was partner, Joel Baumgartner paid my way to several industry masterminds to learn all the necessary strategies to grow a world-leading integrated practice.

What I learned is each time I grew as a person we had our next-level of business success. It all begins and ends with the leadership. Ultimately, we are each responsible for our own success and personal health and joy.

Over the last 10 years I have invested over 75K a year in masterminds, coaching and consulting. Every year I’m in a minimum of two mastermind groups. The learning, networking and relationships that have been built are priceless.

Each mentor brought the next-level of strategy and growth. My goal for each mastermind was to learn the most I can from each mentor, build great relationships and then go to the next expert to keep learning and growing. Some take a couple years to fully learn and implement and others have value that can be extracted in a year. All have been instrumental in our growth. However, there is an order of understanding your best next move and mentor because at times we grew too fast without the right structure in place.

The growth has been unprecedented and yet at the same time incredibly painful. I embrace the pain because the greatest lessons usually come from the largest challenges. Every painful lesson was necessary to continue to develop me into the person I’m capable of becoming. We want to save you the challenges we experienced so you can both help more people now and see your practice grow in a way that gives you more independence and income.

From my early childhood, I felt compelled to help people who were in emotional pain.

My calling has progressed from a Certified Personal Trainer, to building a team of over 100 employees and coaching health and wellness leaders to be the most informed, influential and impactful entrepreneurs they can be so they can help more people who suffer from physical and mental pain.

It is professionals like you who are the key to changing healthcare, but so many of you are frustrated and feel like it's hopeless because "the system" is set up for government control, big pharma, insurance payors and hospital executives to run the system.

You may perceive the system is not going to change any time soon and your only solutions are to keep seeing more patients, go out on your own or leave the industry all together.

Some of you still carry hundreds of thousands of debt from medical school, end up buying a nice house and vehicle and feel trapped due to the need of steady income to support you and your families’ finical obligations.

Unfortunately, many of you feel stuck and void of any realistic solutions.

There are proven ways to work your way towards impact and freedom as we have helped so many just like you. It would be our pleasure to talk through all your options as we are here for you.

We offer you simple business models that give you the proven strategies for success in each of the respective niches.

That is why I’m partners in three unique masterminds that are intended for different niches. My co-facilitators are proven thought leaders, friends and mentors that support and push me as I challenge them to become the best versions of themselves.

We are very passionate about helping bring forth the industries of regenerative, functional, naturopathic medicine, medical fitness and health coaching. It’s going to take the combination of each of these niches and beyond to redefine healthcare.

I have created a screening process to make sure one of these groups are the right fit for both parties because these Masterminds are NOT for everyone. During the call if we decide it’s not the right time for you or there is a better option outside the group, it would still be my honor to give you a recommendation and resource or two to help you get started on your best next move.

These masterminds are for ambitious action-takers only who are ready to apply the proven formulas and implement the profit-boosting strategies that can take your practice to massive impact and success.

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Here's Why...

The Fastest Path to the Cash Formula:

If you are selected to participate in one of these programs, the priority is to help you create a strategic plan to bring in immediate revenue.

We must get clear on your message and offer, and then you must take imperfect action following our marketing formula.

It’s about generating a cash infusion as quickly and responsibly as possible.

A Clear Offer and Marketing Funnel:

You must be willing to invest in marketing if you plan to have cash practice success.

As our client, we’ll give you the exact funnels we use to generate millions of revenues each year. We will also explore your untapped opportunities and connections, how to position your message and brand, and how to start maximizing your per-patient value while providing the best outcomes in your area.

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Exacting Standards:

Because we run our own practices and businesses, we do not have the time to do the work for you unless you hire our team and Advisor Network to implement for you.

We give you the tools, done-for-you templates, forms and even teach you how to do it, but you and your team still must take imperfect action.

You must get uncomfortable, learn, and let us help you build a team around your unique ability that allows you to have massive practice success.

Here are some criteria to help you determine if one of these programs are right for you.

• Solid Practice or Business Vision: You should have a solid practice or business plan in place or the desire to gain the skill and education to prepare for excellence in the career or business you desire. We have other solutions for those who are not ready to open their own practice or take the necessary time to attend or implement the systems throughout this program. These Masterminds are specifically for physicians and health and fitness leaders who have skills but are looking to commit to the next level of practice success or add additional cash-pay services.

• 2-Hour / Week Commitment: You must be able to commit a minimum of two hours per week to building your healthcare practice or business. If you’re not committed to implementing the planned steps, then one of these programs would obviously not be a good fit. It's ok if you don't have the time, as long as you have a partner or a team member that is ready to implement the program and you support the progress.

• You Must Be Very Good at What You Do: The approach we take when it comes to building a sustainable practice or business is to work from the inside out. To build a successful and sustainable business, you need to have something truly valuable to offer. In other words, you need to be legitimately good at what you do.

• You MUST be Coachable: After all, if you aren’t willing to learn, take in new information, and then implement, nobody will succeed.

• Attend At Least 2 In-Person MasterMind Meetings: A consulting assignment may be better suited if you are not able to attend to build your relationship capital and get the advanced teachings at the events.

• Participate in the coaching community that you join: You must be willing to actively participate in and collaborate with members of the community.

That’s it! Those are the requirements for participating in the Practice Success MasterMind Program.

When You Feel that You're a Good Fit...

Our desire is to make one of these opportunities a no-brainer for you.

You have our team as your personal business mentors for an entire year… guiding you to extra income and helping you create additional profit streams that you didn’t even think about on your own.

That’s what makes these Mastermind programs so different.

Following a proven curriculum loaded with done-for-you blueprints, worksheets, forms and marketing materials, you’ll be generating practice success while getting personalized coaching to maximize your unique gifts to the world.

During these events, we’ll meet as a group for two days to share what’s working best to get more leads and patients, maximize profits, and teach strategies to help you grow faster and easier.

Our entire 12-month program has been strategically designed to give you all the resources, coaching and accountability to make a tangible difference in multiple areas of your life.

This System is Custom Tailored for Your Business

What You'll Experience as a Member of one of the Masterminds

Joining one of these industry-changing Masterminds means joining our Family.

We are committed to supporting you in being your best self, living your best life, and making the greatest contribution you can make in your lifetime.

It means structure, implementation, collaboration, community, and pouring your work into a proven system so you can have the Impact, Income and Freedom you deserve.


Dr. Tyna Moore & JR Burgess

Docere Mastermind (Naturopathic Doctors)

If you are a licensed Naturopathic Physician and have an entrepreneurial bone in your body, and you want to learn how to position yourself to succeed without insurance while having the independence to deliver your care virtually this group may be for you. Last year the energy was palpable and we all felt the profession shift in the big way. So many reached out having regretted missing it, and for good reason, it was epic.


Phil Kaplin & JR Burgess

Health and Fitness Mastermind (Personal Transformation and Business Development for Personal Trainers, Allied Health Professionals, Business Leaders)

T.R.U.E. (The Road Underlying Success) is a business mastermind for fitness, health coaching and allied healthcare professionals who are looking to be catalysts in redefining healthcare worldwide. The goal is to integrate profitable and game changing medical fitness programs into clinical and wellness centers around the globe.


Dr. Joel Baumgartner, Garrett Ewers & JR Burgess

Rejuv MedFit-(Regenerative Medicine and Brick and Mortar Doctors)

We collaborate with visionary physicians and brick & mortar practice owners who are seeking to go beyond the current healthcare system and build or supplement their practices with a cash-pay business model. This approach enables them to practice life-changing medicine so their patients have more energy, vitality and better quality of life – and physicians have more personal fulfillment, time freedom, greater profitability and simply live happier.

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